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A USCF and C&O
sponsored web site.
Basic rules, piece
names and moves,
as well as other
basics for new, or
novice, players are
covered on this free,
inter-active site from
Chess Magnet School.





















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(Updated 09-08-14)


YouTube Videos (free)

The following .pdf downloads are for recommended chess videos available on  You may access individual videos by typing the video name into the YouTube "search" box.

YouTube Videos - 01 Beginner (new players)

YouTube Videos - 02 Novice (levels 1-4)

YouTube Videos - 03 Beyond Novice (levels 5-8)

YouTube Videos - 04 Int-Adv (levels 9-12 and up)

YouTube Videos - Introduction to Openings (levels 5-12 and up)

YouTube Videos - Players & Games (levels 5-12 and up)
The website where our "Center Members" may practice with coaches, each other, and players from around the world, for free. Premium upgrades are available when more advanced students are ready.  Download registration instructions here.
A recommended website for additional study. ChessTempo has a great database, tactical problem puzzles, and more. Initial registration is free and premium upgrades are available when more advanced students are ready.

United States Chess Federation (USCF)
The official sanctioning body for "over the board" tournament play in the U.S.  Student membership is required to play in state and national tournaments. Some local tournament information may be found here as well.

Maryland Chess Association (MCA)
Our state association. Local tournaments are listed here.


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